Educational app

An app used in corporations to take tests and to prepare oneself for a test.


EXPLA-App is an iPad-App for corporate education, particularly for apprentice­ships in Germany.

The app provides the possibility to take tests using any iPad that complies to the system requirements.

After login, the app retrieves the test content from the Christiani examination server and stores questions as well as the corresponding solutions. In case it is a mockup test the app gives an analysis at the very end.

Mockup tests – getting ready for a test

To prepare oneself for a real test the app provides the possibility to carry out mockup tests. Mockup tests are unlimited in time and there usually is an analysis at the end. The analysis screen indicates which questions they got right or wrong.

Double tap on the big X in the login screen of the app to start a demo mockup test.

Take a test

Different to mockup tests with real tests the time runs. There is a blue bar at the top of the problems that shows the time which elapsed. An instant automatic analysis is not provided with real tests. To the left side of the screen there is a list that shows all questions and problems that have to be solved.

Testees may answer the problems in any order. The list highlights those problems that have already been solved and a different highlighting is provided for those problems that have been opened without taking any action.

Task types

There are 4 kinds of tasks

  • Single choice, tasks with only one correct answer
  • Multiple choice, tasks with more then one correct answer to a single task.
  • Matching tasks with item moving
  • Problems formulated in text

Short facts

Name: eXpla
Time span: First half of 2014
Platform: iPad, iOS
Examination server: Christiani Self-development
ClientTechnisches Institut für Aus- und Weiterbildung Dr.-Ing. Paul Christiani GmbH & Co. KG
Languages: German, English
Download: View Expla-App in iTunes.

Move to match

Multiple choice

Single choice

Analysis screen, correct or wrong

It is up to the testee to hold the iPad in portrait or in landscape orientation. In landscape orientation the list of problems is visible at all times. In portrait orientation you tap on tasks at the top left of the screen to bring the list into sight.