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Is it possible to use non-AirPrint printers with iOS devices?

Yes, it's possible. It is easy and there are a lot of web pages, blogs and helping tools out there that explain in detail how to do this. You need a Mac or Windows PC that has the driver of the printer you want to use installed and shared with your local network. The only thing that's left is the visibility of the driver on the iPhone. To enable this, you need to make a small change in the Mac or Windows OS. There are free downloadable tools that do this for you.

Try the following links. We have successfully used the Mac tool.

Macintosh: AirPrint Activator ⇢
Windows: ⇢
AirPrint-capable printers: ⇢

I have three pages with six images laid out on them. When I send it to the printer, it prints only one page. What causes this?

For our tests we used an inkjet and a laser printer and observed the same problem. The laser printer printed all pages that were sent to it, whereas the inkjet printer always printed one page only. We double-checked to be sure PhotoPrint sent all pages to the printer. It did, but nothing changed. You can check for yourself by launching the background app print center that appears in the multitasking pane as long as a print job is in progress. It shows which printer was selected for printing and the pages that are waiting in the queue. It is not possible to force the printer to accept all the pages PhotoPrint is sending; therefore there is no alternative than to print each page separately. We know this is time-consuming, but the printers seem to have their own will.

When the photo library opens, it sometimes does not show any images — just the black background is visible. What can I do to prevent this?

We noticed this effect with a photo count of 1,000 or more. Even though PhotoPrint loads the photos, it does not display the thumbnails immediately at the top of the screen. Sliding the black screen up a bit will bring the thumbnails that are already loaded into sight immediately.

Sometimes it seems as if the image does not react immediately when I try to rotate it with two fingers. Do you have any advice for image rotation?

You cannot move and rotate in one go. When you touch an image with one finger, you can move it around in all directions — but you cannot simply add the second finger and start rotation. If you want to move (mask) and rotate an image, just lift your finger and touch the image again with two fingers to rotate it.

PhotoPrint wants to print DIN A2 or broadsheet, although I selected DIN A4 or letter. What's wrong?

If you want to use DIN A4 or letter paper for printing — for example, your printer is loaded with DIN A4 or letter paper — you must select 9 x 13 cm or 3.5 x 5 as the photo size in the slider on the first screen of PhotoPrint. Set the second slider "Layout" to four photos. 9 x 13 cm or 3.5 x 5 is the largest possible photo size that fits four times on DIN A4 or letter size.

In the first screen, select the size of the single photos — not the size of the print sheet. When you select the photo size and the layout, PhotoPrint determines the size of the print sheet and makes a preselection with this size. You can only choose a larger size. To reduce the print size, reduce the size of the single photos.

4up-A4      4up-Layout

When trying to add photos to a PhotoPrint page, I get the error message: "Error — No Access. Failed to open the photo library. To access the photo library, you have to enable Location Services in the Settings. Error Message: Global access denied." What is behind this message? Why does PhotoPrint need access to location services?

(This question applies only to iOS 5.1.) When an app tries to access the photos that are stored on the iPhone, Apple allows this action only if location services are switched on. It simply is not possible that an app loads photos without location services enabled. So please enable location services at least for PhotoPrint. You do this under General in the settings of your iOS device. You may have to scroll down to find PhotoPrint in the list. PhotoPrint uses only the pure image data. GPS coordinates or other geo-information that may be stored within the images are not used.

Icon_K&QQuestions about Kreuz und Quer

How can I enter my scores in the online leaderboard?

When you upgrade to a new version, the old high scores are kept. You have to reach a score that is high enough to be entered in the top 5 on your device. Only then are you asked whether you want to enter the online leaderboard.

To reset the locally stored high scores, select the (i) in the lower right corner, then click "Settings" and select "Reset High Score." This clears the locally stored high scores (not the online scores).

A word was not accepted by the game. Can I enter it somewhere?

Yes, we welcome submissions of words that are missing from our word list. Please write them down at Suggestions. We will try to include the word with the next update (after checking that it meets our rules for a valid word). Also, if you think you have found an invalid word, we would be happy to hear about it.

How much does each letter score?

Each letter scores based on the relative frequency: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 or 13 points. The joker scores 0 points. These scores are multiplied by the "bonus" factors for double use of letters and words that are formed by using all 3 directions (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) and multiplied by 10. For words that are longer than 5 letters, an extra bonus of 20 points for each letter is applied.

I do not see any Joker. Why?

The Joker (letter ✭) has to be enabled in the game setting. Press the (i) in the lower right corner and turn the settings for Joker to "on." Select "Done," and the Joker should be visible on the board.