Some examples of mobile apps we developed

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Expla Icon Expla is an app for corporate education. You can take tests and you can exercise yourself to become fit for a test or an examination.
Next round or out? Please swipe to vote! – A voting app for in-studio use for an interactive music casting show in German television.
Kreuz und Quer Kreuz und Quer is a brain-teasing word puzzle. Find as many words as possible from a random character map by moving your finger over the characters. 450,000 words are currently in the pool.
App-icon PhotoPrint PhotoPrint is a fantastic app for printing photos by yourself directly from your iPhone or iPad to any AirPrint-capable printer.
Stylepark Startsymbol Stylepark makes it possible to browse the complete online database of from within your iPhone.
Ene Mene Ikon Ene Mene is a poem app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple watch, Android-OS and BlackBerry Playbook that provides one classic poem every day.
Fingerspiele Icon Fingerspiele is a collection of children's finger rhymes made up like an eBook for the iPhone and BlackBerry Playbook.


Ene Mene
iPhone&Co, Oct 2010

Kreuz und Quer iPad
iPad&Co, Nov 2010

Our apps are distributed by our publishing partner, palugu Software GmbH. ⇢