Fingerspiele App-SymbolSelected Children's Finger Rhymes in German in eBook Style for the iPhone, iPod Touch and BlackBerry Playbook

Fingerspiele is a collection of finger rhymes for young children.

Our main goal was easy navigation and the best possible readability. The content is accessible via a table of contents from which readers browse the topics of each page.

To view the imprint, the reader turns the page. This is visualized by an animation that looks like a paper page is being turned. After reading the imprint, the reader automatically returns to the last reading position. The same thing happens if an incoming phone call interrupts the reading. When the app is started the next time, it automatically continues at the last reading position.

Finger rhymes are action games for children where the fingers of the hand become protagonists. The dialogues are usually chants and rhymes. Each rhyme contains the text and instructions on how the hands and fingers should be moved when reciting the text. Realistic photos illustrate the text. The app is available only in German.

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Fingerspiele for iPhone and iPod Touch (iTunes, German, 1,59 €) ⇢
Fingerspiele for BlackBerry Playbook (BlackBerry App World, German, 1,99 €) ⇢